Laundry Day


Not much time for cooking or hiking – today was laundry day at our house. Sheets, down comforter, feather pillows, everything went into the washer. Freshly laundered sheets are among the simply joys of life! When combined with a a fluffy pillow and a clean duvet almost restored to its early days of blissful fluffiness, it’s hard to resist an instant nap. We’ll leave the nap to the hound whose unencumbered existence enables her to live in the moment, every moment. Usually she’s the first to inspect the bed and enjoy the clean linens. Today, however, the human in the house had different plans because clean bed linens call for a clean canine. So off Pepper went to her outdoor shower on the patio. In 75-degree weather one can take an outdoor bath, provided that the water is warm. A little puppy almond shampoo, a nice massage, two thorough rinses and then it was time for Ms. Pepper to assist with her oscillatory wet-dog shake.

Most of us are familiar with the effect of wet dogs shaking off seemingly disproportionate amounts of water. Just think loud shrieks of “Go away!” followed by thoroughly soaked pant legs. But what about the complicated mechanics behind the wet-dog shake that starts at the head and moves down to the tail in a twirling motion? Nature’s mechanism is much better suited to dry off a wet dog than any extra absorbent towel. A short spin around the block to let the sun help in the drying process, and Pepper was ready for a much deserved nap.

bedtime feb 7

latte & croissantfr wpWith the hound napping peacefully, the human still pondered the mechanics of Pepper’s coat shaking at a mind boggling rate of 4.6 skin oscillations per second. No earth-shattering conclusions were reached, but it seemed like the perfect time for a freshly brewed café au lait and a delicious pain au chocolat from the local Armenian bakery. La vie est belle!


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